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  1. Prevention measures against laptop seizure by the customs.

    Published: Mon 11 May 2015 in Cookbook.
    Steps to mitigate the risk of data theft and backdoor installation upon device seizure.

    The ANSSI, French government service in charge of IT security, has published a document (in French) providing brief advice to people having to travel abroad.

    The ANSSI advices concerning preparation before travel are as follow:

    1. Review the applicable company policy,
    2. Review destination country applicable laws,
    3. Prefer to use devices dedicated to travel (computers, smartphones, external storage etc.) and not containing any data not strictly needed for the mission,
    4. Backup all of your data before leaving and keep the backup in a safe place,
    5. Avoid taking any sensitive data at all, prefer to use a VPN (or a specially set up secured mailbox where all data will be deleted after retrieval) to retrieve the data securely (this is one of the most on-topic pieces of advice, since this one prevents any sensitive data from being present on the computer when crossing the border),
    6. Use a screen filter to avoid shoulder surfing …

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