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Welcome to my virtual den!

Knowledge really lives only when it is shared. This website is an attempt to give back to the community from which I received so much.

This website is made for you! I hope that you enjoy it and will find what you are looking for, and will be even happier if you learn new things in here. Don’t hesitate me to send me feedbacks, as they allow me to improve this website.

This website is a personal blog:

  • Opinions are my own, and doesn’t engage any employer, partner, or anyone else.

  • While I attempt to stick to practical facts and share only things I personally tested myself, it may (must!) still contain errors, omissions and inaccuracies. If you encounter one of those, please contact me so I can update the relevant part!

  • I am not responsible of the way you are using the information available on this website. Always backup your data and think twice before executing any command or applying a new setting.

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