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  1. How to (more) safely use the Firefox password manager

    Published: Fri 03 November 2017 in Cookbook.
    Updated: Tue 20 February 2018 (Added a warning about syncing NSFW browsing history.)
    Firefox built-in password manager remains a good alternative where standalone password managers are overkill.

    Security professionals often recommend to use a dedicated password manager software, such as KeePass1, which allows to easily prevent password reuse while ensuring a safe storage of the passwords.

    Did I just say… “easily”? For the wide public, this “easiness” may not be so obvious. The fact alone to have to install, learn and use a new software just to store the password which allows to access the website which, in turn, allows you to do your things: end-users often consider this over-killing…

    And they may be right.

    Their usual reaction is therefore either to rely on a single “well thought and complex password” to secure their whole digital life, or build an over-engineered mental algorithm to create unique (but easily guessable, even when they don’t think so) passwords, loosing data because of a forgotten password or being stuck because they are currently at their office while their …

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