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vmtools, a Qemu virtual machines manager, is now available

vmtools is a Qemu virtual machines manager which strives to be easy, versatile and modular while adhering to the principle of least privileges, to respect users’ freedom and security.

  • Easy: Just vmup anything which can be booted, from a local disk image file to remote URLs including .ova archives and devices files. No complex parameters to set or remember, just boots the damn thing.

    Virtual machine settings are saved in short and clean plain-text files. No XML, no unneeded settings, only the non-default values specific to the virtual machine, easily readable and editable with any text editor.

  • Versatile: Use it how you want, vmtools does as few assumptions as possible. No imposed directory structure, no imposed work-flow.

    Saved virtual machines are standard directories and files which can be moved, copied or renamed at will, but can also be freely forked and merged to match even advanced work-flows.

    vmtools commands offer a wide range of options, with an in-line documentation available through the common -h parameter and more details including concrete examples available in the man pages.

  • Modular: vmtools relies on a plugin and templating system allowing to fully customize how virtual machines are created, started and cloned.

    Moreover vmtools is entirely developed in POSIX Shell script, making the inspection and modification easier.

  • Principle of least privileges: vmtools does not require to install a service running as root, in fact it doesn’t require to install any service and doesn’t require any super-user privilege.

    Qemu/KVM already makes hardware-assisted emulation available to unprivileged users, adding a service running as root on top of this creates unneeded security weaknesses.

More information can be found in the section dedicated to this tool: .

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