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Carbanak APT, the great bank robbery

In 2015, several surveillance cameras filmed people presenting themselves in front of an ATM, and while no interaction occurred between them and the machine the ATM suddenly started to dispense cash.

Strange enough, this was actually only the tip of iceberg as the investigation unveils an operation ongoing for around two years, infecting and stealthily altering bank operations from the inside, to achieve what may be one of the biggest bank robbery estimated up to one billion dollars.

Kaspersky report tells this investigation. While this document provides technical details for interested people, they are not necessary to understand it and can be easily skipped. In fact, this report is quite well written and can be read as a good detective novel and provides a good description on how a high-end attack may look-like nowadays

Actually, this report looks so much like a detective novel that Wikipedia notices there was some controversy at its subject when it was first published. However one of Kaspersky main opponent in this case, Fox-IT, having deleted all pages and documents on the subject, it is hard to forge oneself an opinion now.

Nevertheless, while taking the details of the discovery and impact with a grain of salt, this report still remains very instructive and a highly recommended short reading for anyone interested in IT security.

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