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Published: Sat 30 December 2017 in Opinions.

Are you or do you know a nice and reliable company, striving to improve the IT world trustworthiness and believing in its employees initiatives to grow up? Companies involved in the free software community or located in a calm place have a bonus point!

I have seven years of professional experience in securing the business and financial data flows from large corporations, public services and governmental institutions. I am certified in IT security from a management perspective (CISSP), technical perspective (OSCP, CEH), in the administration and securing of various FOSS Unix and Unix-like systems (LPIC-3 Security, BSDA) and of enterprise-grade networks (CCNA Security, CCNA Routing & Switching).

I am an “ethical hacker”1:

  • Hacker: I’m fond of all those new opportunities opened by computer science and, above all, the Internet. It’s an incredibly open way to share and acquire knowledge with the only real limitation being our own curiosity. I want it to be a place of freedom and free-speech, as well as a place where one can feel safe.

  • Ethical: I value privacy, both for people and companies. While I understand one’s argument that privacy can also be a nest for illegal and unethical activities, I claim it also gives birth to creativity and progress and must therefore be defended as such. The world has always been built through the balance between divergent interests and forces both equally required. I see the IT security world as being no different in this respect.

I’m very adaptive and have a practical experience in a wide range of situations (and enjoy such variety!):

  • A multilevel understanding of customer’s issues: from the most lower layer technical issues to higher business and regulatory needs.

  • Facing various contexts: such as critical alerts and production down, leading on-site interventions in international contexts.

  • Interacting with all kind of people: knowledgeable meticulous, non-technical (even at technical positions…), pressured, desperate, etc.

  • Building and maintaining confidence: rigor, expertise, integrity and discretion are the foundation stones for lasting collaborations allowing everyone to go further.

I’m happy when I can personally bring some added value to a project, combining the feeling of being useful to others and personally acquiring new knowledge.

Do you feel like we could work together to advance IT security? I’m seeking for an open position primarily around the French towns of Rennes, Strasbourg or Paris, but I’m open to other propositions as well. Being autonomous and organized, I’m also open to remote jobs.

My full resume is available on request:

  1. If one assumes that someone can be unethical and still be called a “hacker”. 

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